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I am trying to take the values from the text fields below to use with parent.addNewRoom(roomNo,roomEnSuite); but roomEnSuite is a Boolean value in the parent class. What is the correct procedure to get a Boolean from a JTextField?

public void actionPerformed( ActionEvent ae)     
        String item = ae.getActionCommand(); 

        if ( item.equals("Confirm"))         
            String roomNo = nameJTextField.getText();
            String roomEnSuiteS = idJTextField.getText();
        else if ( item.equals("Cancel"))        
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Is the user meant to be typing in 'True' or 'False' into the JTextField? –  Neeta Jan 2 '12 at 22:42
Yes the user types true or false into the JTextField –  Darren Burgess Jan 2 '12 at 22:44
LOL. You could also use 26 checkboxes, each with a different letter, to help the user typing words :-) –  JB Nizet Jan 2 '12 at 22:44
Do you mean that you want to validate the input? Like, if it is the one you like = true else it is = false. –  lailo Jan 2 '12 at 22:45
Using a JTextField for a boolean isn't a good way to go, as there's many variations as to what the user could type. It would be better to use a checkbox or radio button component. –  Neeta Jan 2 '12 at 22:45

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To give a full answer from my above comments:

Handling boolean input using a JTextField would not be a good way to go about things as there are many variations the user could type yes/no/true/false, etc. mispelling?

Using a JRadioButton (for single answers) or JCheckbox (for multiple answers) would be a better way to go about handling true or false input. I would suggest a JRadioButton as you wouldn't want the user checking true and false.


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A JTextField is meant to provide Strings. So unless you want the user to type true or false in the textfield (or whatever string you will parse to a boolean), there are better options available

  • a JCheckBox, which is typically used for toggle settings, like true-false
  • JRadioButtons (one for each setting, so two in this case)

And here a link to the corresponding Swing tutorial with examples on how to use these buttons

But if you really want to got with a textfield, then you should get the text from it and parse it by using for example Boolean.valueOf

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Assuming the user entered the string true or false, you can turn it into a boolean with:

boolean value = Boolean.parseBoolean(idJTextField.getText());
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As long as the value entered is always going to be true or false you can get a Boolean using;

boolean value = Boolean.parseBoolean(enSuiteJTextField.getText());

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