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If I have a parent category, say, "Travel" with subcategories "belgium", "netherlands", "japan", etc., how can I create a page with all of the posts from the categories above? Then, I need users to be able to filter which posts they see, depending on which subcategory they choose.

If they want to see "travel" posts from the subcategory "japan", I need it to hide the other posts from "netherlands" and "belgium".

All this is done preferably without needing to refresh.

Please Help!

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You should use a custom query:

  $args = array( 
    // you set the parameters as you need.
  $my_query = new WP_Query( $args );  

Hope it helps. Cheers

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If you want to display all of the posts in a single category, just link to the category's page. If you're using permalinks, the url should be of the form:


If you want to customize the appearance of that page, modify your theme's category.php template. If you want a different appearance for different categories you can create separate category-[slug].php templates.

As for doing the dynamic filtering of sub-categories without need of a refresh, my recommendation would be to add a category-[slug] class to each post's div on that category page, and then use jQuery to dynamically show/hide posts based on those classes.

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