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I am looking for a "stocks indicator library" written in ruby. A technical indicator could be anything from moving average to Williams %R.

Preferably I need a library where I can provide the historical data for a stock (input) and get the latest value for any technical indicators as output.

Also I am interested in any similar open source libraries written in any other language.

I did some googling and I searched here but no luck so far.


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There is a TA-Lib Ruby gem that wraps the already well-developed technical analysis C++ library

Having said that, installation of all the components on Ubuntu has been anything but pain-free or lack working native packages (there is a 3rd party Debian repo, but ymmv).

Quantlib in R seems to be the open-source way to go. In fact it prompted me to learn how to embed certain R operations within Ruby, until I'm ready to let go of the crutches and code entirely in R.

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For whatever reason, the Python community is much more into number-crunching than the Ruby community is, see this for info about what kind of support Python has: Financial technical analysis in python

If you don't mind rolling some of your own calculations though, ruby is a fine choice.

Check out a ruby project I wrote which updates a csv spreadsheet with new daily values, and computes some moving averages. It is used to generate this page on a daily basis:

Code is here:

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