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Happy new year btw !

I want to separate event handling from a container and it child. So as you can see, my source code is very simple :

    package  {
    import flash.display.Sprite;
    import flash.display.*;

    public class test extends Sprite{

        public function test() {
            var container:Sprite = new Sprite();  // my container
  , 1);  // whatever the color
  , 0, 100, 100); // origin at 0,0

            var decor:Sprite = new Sprite();  // and it child
  , 1);  // whatever the color
  , 200, 100, 100);  // origin at 200,200
            container.mouseChildren = false;
            container.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, onOver, false, 0, true);
        private function onOver(e: MouseEvent):void {
            trace("ROLL trace");

When I roll over the container object, I've got the trace (OK for me). BUT When I roll over the decor object, I've got the trace too (not what I want). I just want the container to be triggered by the mouse event, not it child. So what's happened to my mouseChildren = false....? I don't understand...

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The decor object is a member of container, and therefore it is evaluated along with any other content within container.

mouseChildren = false; is not a way to completely disable mouse events, but to reduce complexity within composite display objects: A mouse event is still fired, but the event's target property will not contain a reference to the child object the mouse actually rolled over, but only to the parent that the property was set on.

If you want decorto be completely ignored, use decor.mouseEnabled = false;instead.

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+1 right on. Just some complimentary info for @nouatzi, from the language reference…. Always check the AS3 docs! They're full of great nfo. –  Technik Empire Jan 3 '12 at 1:46

I've tried mouseEnabled = false, and it's not working either. In another forum, a guys told me that 'a filled object within container will trigger the event handler'. So his solution is to have the container, and create 2 children : one handling the mouse event, and the other one as decor.

And it's working pretty well.

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