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I want to create a website that plays videos uploaded by the users in html5 video.

How can I convert any video type on server side to WebM, OGG or MP4?

Is FFmpeg the best solution? So far this is what I think, but I'd much rather find a simpler way.

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Yes, ffmpeg is the best solution, but you need to follow the next steps to make video working in all browsers:

1- Download the last version of ffmpeg from here ffmpeg download

2- Extract the content to a directory;

3- With PHP call the exe file to generate the mp4 and webm video format, like this:

exec(ffmpegdirectory/bin/ffmpeg.exe -i your_video_path -qscale 4 -vcodec libx264 -f mp4 your_new_video_path.mp4);

exec(ffmpegdirectory/bin/ffmpeg.exe -i your_video_path -qscale 4 -f webm your_new_video_path.webm);

4- Allow in IIS(if it is your case) the Mime Types mp4 and webm

5- Use video.js to build the html5 video tag and call your two converted videos (mp4 and webm);

Note: if you don't use video.js, probably the video won't work in IE.

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do you have any examples of the php code you used to make this? –  Philip Feb 9 at 16:17
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