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Ok so i have a rails form partial that is accessed by 2 views the new and edit action, but i only need to show a link on on edit form by i am trying this approach

new form

 = render :partial => 'form', :locals => {:f => f}

edit form

= render :partial => 'form', :locals => {:f => f, :show_link => true}

form partial

if defined? show_link

Is there a better way to achieve this or a standard rails way that is a better approach

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If it's a link and not a form element, it's generally better practice to have nested renders. In other words, you have 3 files: new.html, edit.html, and _form.html. Both new.html and edit.html render _form.html, and edit.html includes the extra link. You can style the link element to appear elsewhere if you need to.

If it's crucial that the link flow more elegantly into the form, consider using content_for and yield, so that edit.html includes:

content_for :extras do
    # link here

And _form.html then includes yield :extras.

NOTE: I deliberately left off template extensions, not knowing whether you're using erb, haml, other.

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The way I have seen this done before is using new_record and persisted, which are inverses of each other. persisted is for saved records, and new_record is for unsaved.

I'm going to guess at the scenario here, but is it something like 'show a delete link on the edit page'?

If so, I would do something like this (assuming @object is the object for the form):

(new and edit form)

= render 'form'

(form partial)

- if object.persisted?
  = link_to 'Delete', @object, :method => :delete

(examples are in haml but should be easy to convert to erb if necessary)

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you need not even pass the parameter show_link from edit, you can detect the action itself in form view.

in both the places you can use

<%= render :partial => 'form', :locals => {:f => f} %>

and in form partial you can do it like

<%= (link_to ........ ) if params[:action] == "edit" %>

if link is html tag, you can do it like

<% if params[:action] == "edit" %>
<a href="...">click me to edit</a>
<% end %>

So now it will check if the render happened from edit action, the link will be added.

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I usually do something like

if @record.new_record?
  # render 'new' partial
  # render 'edit' partial

to differ the new and edit specific things in my rails forms

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