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I'm trying to divide an integer by an integer in Java and return a long result. I tried the following, but I keep getting "0".

System.out.println(Long.valueOf(5) / Long.valueOf(18));
System.out.println((long)5 / (long)18);
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It seems everyone has given the right answer, but you should note you can also do

System.out.println(5 / 18f)

Where f makes it a float

System.out.println(5 / 18d)

where d makes it a double

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Longs are still integral, you need a type that can handle decimals, use either float or double.

System.out.println(5.0 / 18.0);
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Long is for "long" integer numbers. You should use float or double instead.

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double should generally be preferred to float nowadays (unless you really care about memory footprint much more than precision) – mikera Jan 3 '12 at 0:34

You don't need a long, you need a double.

System.out.println(5 / 18.0);


System.out.println(5.0 / 18);

Of course this will work too:

System.out.println(5.0 / 18.0);
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