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I have to call a shell script which is on a remote machine from the script on my local machine.

I thought of using ssh in my script but it would prompt for password which does not help as I will need to make this script run as a cronjob.

Could anyone just guide me like what would be ideal to use rather than using ssh to connect to the remote machine and run the script present there.

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You can do authentication for SSH via "keys" - superuser.com/questions/61170/… which can remove the need for a password. This would be appropriate for use in a cronjob. –  Flexo Jan 3 '12 at 1:09
From the perspective of the malicious attacker, it would be ideal if you did not use authentication. You could use rsh, but the reason ssh exists is that it is a major security hole to do such things without authentication. Use ssh with keys instead of a password. –  William Pursell Jan 3 '12 at 17:30

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First of all you can set up passwordless ssh connections using private keys (that's what I should do).

If that's not an option, well there is expect, and here's an old but working tutorial.

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