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I'm working on a project where you can drag around icons. When you drag the icon, the actual icon is hidden, and you just drag a placeholder. This works great in Firefox, but doesn't always work well in Chrome. If you start dragging to quickly, the cursor turns into the 'prevent' symbol, and the placholder stops moving.




<li class="item" draggable="false">
    <a class="app">
        <img src="[imgurl]" class="icon" draggable="false" />
        <span class="name">Facebook</span>


<div id="proxy"></div>


$('#section-home li.item').live('mousedown', function(){
    var item = $(this);
        $('#proxy').css({top: e.pageY+'px', left: e.pageX+'px'});
    $('#section-home li.item').removeClass('isdragging');


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For some reason it seems to work fine isolated. Maybe it's some conflict with something else on the page. –  James Montagne Jan 3 '12 at 2:46
@JamesMontagne That's weird, thanks for noticing that. –  skimberk1 Jan 3 '12 at 3:41

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It turns out that I was using an <img /> tag as a background, and since images are draggable by default, if I started moving the mouse too fast, I'd start dragging the background.

The background image:

<div id="background">
    <img src="images/calm_main_bg.jpg" />

What I did to fix it:

<div id="background">
    <img src="images/calm_main_bg.jpg" draggable="false" />

Thanks James for telling me that it worked isolated.

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