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One advantage to an SVN branching model is that all of your branches have distinct files. I'd like to share one of my git branches over Dropbox, but if I switched branches in git, all of the files would get overwritten in the Dropbox. Is there a way to permanently link to files in a branch?

I guess I could clone the whole repo again into a different folder, but this seems inefficient.

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You'd have to have a checkout from SVN of whichever branch you wanted, also.. you can't just link in to the .svn/ folder. – rejj Jan 3 '12 at 2:35
The SVN branch is more like a whole Git repository than a Git branch. – Michas Jan 3 '12 at 2:49

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You can store a "bare" Git repository in Dropbox, and then anybody who has read access to your Dropbox can make a clone locally. They will be able to choose which branch to check out after they clone it.

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You can create a work-tree (checkout) at any location on the filesystem. This will enable you to checkout a given branch to any location, it will not be affected by further checkins or checkouts:

cd ~/Dropbox/mysharedbranchdir
git --git-dir ~/path/to/repo checkout mybranch
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