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There is one section in the documentation of Django which I don't understand clearly:

urlpatterns = patterns('', ... ) urlpatterns += patterns('', ... )

Python lists have unlimited size, so there's no limit to how many URL patterns you can construct. The only limit is that you can only create 254 at a time (the 255th argument is the initial prefix argument).

The doc is here: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/http/urls/

My question is 1) does it mean for each:

urlpatterns = patterns('', ... )

I have only 254 urls.

2) does it mean if I split up to 3 patterns like this:

urlpatterns = patterns('', ... ) urlpatterns += patterns('', ... ) urlpatterns = patterns('', ... )

I can declare 254 * 3 URLs.

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Correct and correct. You can only specify a maximum of 255 arguments in a Python function call.

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