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What's the proper way to create a relation from an instance of a Neo4j class to another instance of that class?

For example, if I am modeling courses in a course catalog with a model for courses that are prereqs for other courses.

I am using neo4j with rails:


class Course < Neo4j::Rails::Model property :name
has_n(:prereqs).from(Course, :leadstos) has_n(:leadstos)

Creating objects and relation:

algebra = Course.create :name => 'algebra'
arithmetic = Course.create :name => 'arithmetic'
algebra.prereqs << arithmetic!!

algebra.prereqs.each {|node| puts node [:name]}

#prints 'arithmetic'

However, arithmetic.leadstos.each {|node| puts node[:name]} comes out as blank.

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You will have to declare :leadtos relation as

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