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I'm creating a custom browser application.
apart from the sites visited from my browser, i'd like to show the history of the sites visited from safari browser as well. From my application, can I get the history of the web sites visited from safari browser on iphone or ipod or ipad?

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Simply put NO, you can't access the Safari History. Apps are sandboxed.

If this is for an in-house app, then you could jailbreak the phones and go around the sandboxing like so -

We can find the history.plist in /var/mobile/Media/Safari/ and this we can read in jailbreaken iPhone.


see this SO link: How to access iPhone Safari History in an App?

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Simply put, you cannot. The history is stored in a property list outside of your applications sandbox and you cannot access it.

On the jailbroken side, there is a History.plist located at /private/var/mobile/Library/Safari

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You can't. There is NO API to access Safari's browsing history.

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I got it. Please follow following path then you will retrieve Browser history for iOS7 iPhone.


In iOS7 safari app not a system app. When you open Applications folder then you can find history and other plist files.

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Hey Sandeep, I tried this NSArray *safariData = [NSArray arrayWithContentsOfFile:@"/private/var/mobile/Applications//Library/Safari/Histo‌​ry.plist"]; But this returned nil value. Can you please share the code? –  Advaith Mar 13 at 9:48

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