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I'm trying to make an application level firewall for Linux , but for now i could only tell stuff like ip address , port number.

Is it possible to know which program send the packet ? If i don't need to place a kernel module.

Thanks !

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Not at this time. The three cases:

  • input paath: The socket lookup has not been done yet by the time xtables runs
  • forward path: There obviously is no local socket
  • (local) output path: Neither the process info nor the socket info is passed onto nf_queue, though there was a patch proposed but has not received much attention.
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I think it may be possible to use a netfilter mark on the packet (in a rule which runs before the NFQUEUE) and retrieve it with nfq_get_nfmark. I've not tried it and I don't know if it would work.

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