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I am working on a project using hibernate3 with annotation configuration, and was looking at flyway for database migration tasks synced with development. I was hoping to use HibernateTemplate in java migrations, however it looks like only JdbcTemplate is supported for writing migrations in flyway. Is there a way to use HibernateTemplate, or JPATemplate, rather than JdbcTemplate in Flyway Java Migrations ?

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Using HibernateTemplate or JpaTemplate doesn't make sense in this case. Flyway is responsible for changing the very fundaments (the actual DB structure) Hibernate is based upon. Hibernate then relies on the new post-migration DB structure being in place.

Flyway should therefore run before instantiation of the hibernate session factory.

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It makes sense for data conversion steps when the underlying database structure is in place. The conversion might be easier to write using a JPA model. A second reason could be when envers auditing is used and you want to manipulate the data and keep the envers auditing information intact. –  Bruno Ranschaert Apr 29 at 13:37

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