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Okay, so I know how to get a list of accounts so that I can let the user authenticate my app to use with their Google Data, however, I am confused on what to use for my AUTH_TOKEN_TYPE.

Here is the current code that I have:

AccountManager.get(this).getAuthTokenByFeatures("", AUTH_TOKEN_TYPE, null, this, null,null)

I don't know where to find the AUTH_TOKEN_TYPE for the Picasa API that I want to use (along with all the other Google API's). Any help?

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AUTH_TOKEN_TYPE is the OAuth scope for the API, to be used. For account manager to understand that it is an OAuth2.0 you need to append it by "oauth2:". So for example for tasks API it will look something like this.

String AUTH_TOKEN_TYPE = "oauth2:";

And for picasa it will be

String AUTH_TOKEN_TYPE = "oauth2:"

EDIT: Some of the Google APIs provide use of special alias strings in place of writing entire OAuth2 scope. For example here is the AUTH_TOKEN_TYPE alias for the Google Tasks API.

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Beautiful, this is exactly the concept I needed to explore to figure out my answer for this project. – hwrdprkns Jan 3 '12 at 17:50

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