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I have a TreeViewer, and I created a context menu with some actions.

With this code snippet below, I get the context menu for all tree items.

protected void createMasterPart(final IManagedForm managedForm, final Composite parent)
 Tree t = toolkit.createTree(client, SWT.NULL);
 GridData gd = new GridData(GridData.FILL_BOTH);
 gd.heightHint = 20;
 gd.widthHint = 100;
 final SectionPart spart = new SectionPart(section);
 viewer = new TreeViewer(t);
 viewer.addSelectionChangedListener(new ISelectionChangedListener() 
 public void selectionChanged(SelectionChangedEvent event) 
    managedForm.fireSelectionChanged(spart, event.getSelection());
 viewer.setContentProvider(new MasterTreeContentProvider());

 m_newKeyAction = new AddNewKeyAction(viewer, parent.getShell());

 m_newValueAction = new AddNewValueAction(viewer, parent.getShell());

private void hookContextMenu()
   MenuManager menuMgr = new MenuManager();
   menuMgr.addMenuListener(new IMenuListener() {
   public void menuAboutToShow(IMenuManager manager) 
   Menu menu = menuMgr.createContextMenu(viewer.getControl());

protected void fillContextMenu( IMenuManager manager )
    manager.add( m_newKeyAction );
    manager.add( m_newValueAction );

I want this context menu to be displayed only for tree items of particular type. Please let me know how do I get this done.

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Not exactly the same question, but the answers of the question linked by @AaronDigulla apply to this one as well. –  Martti Käärik Jan 3 '12 at 20:51

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