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I have a method return type as ArrayList<String> which is also reading an argument of the same type. Now how do I type cast or modify my BigDecimal to read that value?

public static ArrayList<String> currencyUtilArray(ArrayList<String> amountStr ) {
BigDecimal amount = new BigDecimal(ArrayList<String> amountStr);
//How do I define that the amountStr is ArrayList<String> and need to place in BigDecimal amount one after another till the end of the List 
    return amountStr;

Or do I need to do

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Are you trying to convert an ArrayList<String> to an ArrayList<BigDecimal>? –  Gabe Jan 3 '12 at 7:26
@Gabe One method would call and send list of values, for now say two values like 1234.5678 and 4567.1234 to this method currUtil Now I need to define my method currUtil such a way that it reads to values and place it in BigDecimal one after another to process it. How to define my method? –  StrataGeeks CEO Jan 3 '12 at 7:35
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You can't type cast a String to a BigDecimal or vice versa.

If the strings in the array are meant to represent a number when concatenated then do something like this:

 StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
 for (String s : amountStr) {
 BigDecimal amount = new BigDecimal(sb.toString());

On the other hand, if each String represents a distinct number:

for (String s : amountStr) {
    BigDecimal amount = new BigDecimal(s);
    // ... and do something with it ...
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I don't think you are referencing it correctly. You can't convert the whole ArrayList as an AL of type string to a Big Decimal.

First, change the ArrayList amountStr from within the new BigDecimal(--); and reference a single String from within the ArrayList.

Meaning you would have to loop through the whole thing, adding it into amount:

BigDecimal amount = new BigDecimal(amountStr.get(0));
For(int i = 1; i < amountStr.size(); i++){
amount = amount.add(new BigDecimal(amountStr.get(i)));

I believe that should give you what you need when it is returned.

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I am actually pretty confused with the question. The wordiness makes it hard to pin-point exactly what you are asking. If you are trying to make a ArrayList<Big Decimal>, then use my code, but change whats in between the for loop as that would not give you what the other possibility would be. –  Andy Jan 3 '12 at 7:50
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what i understand is you want to convert the list elements into BigDecimal Array. If so you can do as below:

BigDecimal[] amount = new BigDecimal[amountStr.size()];
for (int i=0;i<amountStr.size();i++) {
     amount[i] = new BigDecimal(amountStr.get(i));
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