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I have a ASP.net MVC project, which utilizes resource entries (.resx) through out the project.

Few the resources fed, have HTML in it

example: Hello <b>World!</b>

With paragraphs href and more. As the resources are stored in an XML, the entries are HTMLEncoded

i.e the above example looks like this

eg: Hello &lt;b&gt;World!&lt;/b&gt;

Due to this, wherever the resources are displayed, the HTML formatting does not render, and instead the HTML is displayed as visible text.

I tried to use HttpUtility.HTMLDecode and Server.HTMLDecode, but both wont work.

What is wrong? Any other work around resources?

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How are you accessing the Resources entries and writing the results onto your page? –  RickNZ Jan 3 '12 at 7:40

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Both of the following work fine for me:

    <%= Resource.MyResource %><br />
    <asp:Label runat="server" Text="<%$ Resources:Resource, MyResource %>" /><br />

A Resource entry such as <b>Text</b> is displayed in bold by the browser.

Some Controls do automatic HTML encoding of their inputs. Could that be what's happening for you?

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Yes, actually the resource if retrieved after HTMLDecoding, no need of HTMLDecode as well. Some of controls were doing the encoding again. –  Omkar Jan 3 '12 at 8:34

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