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I want to retrieve server content which is like wsdl link(WCF service URL)using FLEX 4.5.. I haven't worked with webservices on FLEX. I have worked with xml data retrieval using httpservices where I had a local xml datas. Right now, i am trying to retrieve a server content. I have provided with the service link, method name and xml tags. (seems like parameters).. Since this is the first time im trying the server content, I need some help. Your help is highly appreciated.. thanks in advance... Would be better if i can get a sample project on webservices.

This is what I'm trying. The service link is below.
When I click on this link, i'm getting the below link. http://mfsapi.blisslogix.net/RSS_FEEDS_SERVICE.svc?wsdl

where I can see a lot of tags.

I am using HTTPSERVICES and WEBSERVICES to work on this issue and i'm not getting the xml data. I guess I did some mistake on passing the parameters. Please walk me through the steps how can I pass the method and parameters with this link..

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First you need to create a WebService tag. Or use ActionScript an object of type WebService.

<mx:WebService id="myWebService"
        <s:operation name="GetInformation" result="onLoad(event)" fault="onFault(event)">           

Then you need to specify the WSDL document location and load it.


Then you can simply call the operations specified in the WebService tag.


Here is a link on how to communicate with web services using MXML and AS.

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