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My company is developing database software. Most of that is made of C++ and some part is C#. The part of C# is a library module. There is a executable file. aaa.exe and windowClient.dll used by aaa.exe. I want to check the coverage for this windowClient.dll. Are there any way to do this?

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You can find lots of options here: stackoverflow.com/questions/276829/code-coverage-for-c-net –  Olaf Jan 3 '12 at 8:44

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When using a coverage tool you can always select the assembly to test for coverage and the executable that should be started.

E.g., OpenCover https://github.com/sawilde/opencover/wiki/Usage

opencover -target:aaa.exe -filter:+windowClient.dll
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There are several tools available for this some open source and some commercial

Open Source

OpenCover - branch and sequence coverage (32/64) Silverlight support - all .NET Languages

PartCover - sequence coverage only - all .NET languages


Semantic Designs - C# and C++ coverage and many others

NCover - branch and sequence coverage - I assume all .NET languages only ever used for C# though.

As Olaf has commented there are a lot of options

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