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I struggle to write Makefiles and I'm building up some examples to learn from. I want to use Makefiles since it makes builds concurrent, projects more uniform and easier to manage.

Do you have any resources to share?

For example I am struggling to think how to turn this simple build script into a Makefile, so that index.html is only built when its index.src.html is modified.

for i in */index.src.html
    anolis --max-depth=3 $i $(dirname $i)/index.html
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Try using a pattern rule. From the GNU Makefile manual:

Thus, a pattern rule ‘%.o : %.c’ says how to make any file stem.o from another file stem.c.

So, something like

INFILES = $(shell find . -name index.src.html)
OUTFILES = $(addsuffix .html, $(basename $(basename $(INFILES))))

default: $(OUTFILES)

%.html : %.src.html
    anolis --max-depth=3 $< $@

    rm -f $(OUTFILES)

The trick then becomes building up INFILES in a reliable and safe way.

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s,%.src,%.src.html, otherwise fantastic stuff! Works great :) –  hendry Jan 3 '12 at 10:28
Just a stylistic point: you may also use a substitution reference to generate OUTFILES: OUTFILES = $(INFILES:.src.html=.html). This makes it just a little bit more clear what's happening. –  eriktous Jan 3 '12 at 12:46

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