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I have following example string that needs to be filtered

0173556677 (Alice), 017545454 (Bob)

This is how phone numbers are added to a text view. I want the text to look like that


Is there a way to change the text using regular expression. How would such an expression look like? Or do you recommend an other method?

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Have a look at Google's libphonenumber –  fge Jan 3 '12 at 8:41

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You can do as follows:

String orig = "0173556677 (Alice), 017545454 (Bob)";
String regex = " \\(.+?\\)"; 
String res = orig.replaceAll(regex, "").replaceAll(",", ";");
//                           ^remove all content in parenthesis
//                                                 ^ replace comma with semicolon
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In regex variable, there is a ?. I have tried executing the code without ?, the variable res gets 0173556677 rather than 0173556677; 017545454. ? in regex sense means optional character. What exactly does it mean here? –  Nonymous NT Apr 3 '14 at 10:05

Use the expression in android.util.Patterns

Access the static variable


or use this expression here (Android Source Code)

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This solution works with phone numbers separated with any string that does not contain numbers:

String orig = "0173556677 (Alice), 017545454 (Bob)";    
String[] numbers = orig.split("\\D+"); //split at everything that is not a digit 
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
if (numbers.length > 0) {
    for (int i = 1; i < numbers.length; i++) { //concatenate all that is left
String res = sb.toString();

or, with com.google.common.base.Joiner:

String[] numbers = orig.split("\\D+"); //split at everything that is not a digit 
String res = Joiner.on(";").join(numbers);

PS. There is a minor deviation from the requirements in the best voted example, but it seems I cannot just add one character (should be replaceAll(", ", ";"), with a space after the coma, or a \\s) and I do not want to mess somebody's code.

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