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Is it at all possible to save h.264 video from the Flash/Actionscript Camera (i.e. webcam) without needing a streaming server (like fms/wowza/red5)?

Where I'm also going with this is, I'd like to take the sampleData from Microphone, and transcode it client-side so that a user can record h.264/aac (or mp3) and store it locally or remotely for easy viewing in a mp4 container....

Any tips before I re-invent the wheel or run into a roadblock?

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Also- just to point out, currently the transcoding of audio is needed since Flash only saves compressed audio from microphone as speex, nellymoser, etc... not aac or mp3 :\ – davidkomer Jan 3 '12 at 8:34

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Adobe made sure that you need a streaming server for the recording.

At least Red5 server is free, and can be installed as part of your Air application.

Web applications will definitely need a streaming server.

Came across something interesting, which you might want to try also:

It uses an external library.

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But it isn't necessary for audio (i.e. you can access sampledata, as iND pointed out below)... you absolutely sure it's needed for video? – davidkomer Jan 4 '12 at 9:02
Only way to get some sort of video streaming, without a streaming server, is to save (like a hack) the frame every 15 seconds as a jpg, and play them back on the other side as sequential jpg's with the audio, but this is not ideal. – ShaunOReilly Jan 4 '12 at 22:55

I would suggest a more free codec that h.264 or mp3 (about licensing with h.264: ZDnet article).

That being said, MicRecording (code) is an audio recording class that has been developed to save audio to a file.

It uses Adobe's Microphone class, which has a wealth of examples and ideas.

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Flash 11 supports recording video in H.264 but not AAC. So you can record a video with H.264 and Speex.

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