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I have a form which one of it's fields is a code and description, also a button for opening a popup window that contains a list of all of the available codes. when the user double clickes a row from that table i want to set these values to the code and description. - how can this be done?

Another question, I want to create this popup and table to be initialized dynamically - by that i mean that if i have a few forms in my application, when ever i have a field which has a description i want to be able to open this popup and to see the available list for that field. (every field can be from a diffrent table). is it possible to create something like that? if so, how?

Any help will be appritiated,

Thank's In Advance.

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Yes, it is possible. Even more, many component libraries have ready to use popup/dialog components, such as RichFaces with <rich:popupPanel> and PrimeFaces with <p:dialog>.

If you do not want to use a component library for some reason, you would need to create a custom component for this which generates basically an absolutely positioned HTML <div> element with a CSS overlay which get shown/hidden by JS on a particular click/action. The HTML/CSS/JS part should be relatively simple if you are familiar with those languages. The JSF part is somewhat hard if you have never created a custom component before, but it should be possible with a composite component as well, so you could also just create one with pure XHTML. The updating/refreshing can just take place by the usual <f:ajax> means.

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I'm using <rich:popupPanel> and inside using ExtendedDataTable. I can't get the row values when im double clicking a row - i need to set the values inside the managed bean. do you know how this can be done? also regarding the dynamically initializing the table - can you refrence me to an example of that kind? thank's! –  user590586 Jan 3 '12 at 16:15
Just call the desired initialization action in the commandlink/button which should open this popup and if necessary, ajax-update the popup's content. –  BalusC Jan 3 '12 at 16:17
I think u didn't understand me.. after opening the popup, i have inside an ExtendedDataTable that contains all of the table record. when the user double clicks a row in that datatable , i want to close the popup and set the filed values in the form that opened the poup up. I can't find a way to use a double click event, that will call my managed bean.. –  user590586 Jan 4 '12 at 8:03

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