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Eclipse Version: Helios Service Release 2 Build id: 20110301-1815

I have imported the ViewPagerIndicator library into Eclipse File->New->Android Project... Named project ViewPageIndicatorLibrary

Create project from existing source

Select source


Added compatibility library and Project builds correctly. Project properties 'Is Library' checked. Everything fine.

In the project I want to use ViewPageIndicator, select properties. Android Properties -> Add Library and the ViewPageIndicatorLibrary library project is available for selection.

Select the ViewPageIndicatorLibrary and it appears with green tick with a reference path of "C:\Android\development\workspace\ViewPageIndicatorLibrary" everything appears OK.

Close the properties, reopen properties and the Library reference appears with a red cross alongside.

The Reference path appears to be correct (points to same root of the ViewPageIndicatorLibrary project as just added)


Project name displayed as '?'.

Eclipse seems to be losing the link to the ViewPageIndicatorLibrary project. Import references to com.viewpagerindicator.* fail to resolve.

project.properties of the main project shows

# Project target.

So the reference path is absolute and correct.Any ideas? I just want to get on and use this library, but it's not playing. Deleting/re-creating library project several times now - same results, Eclipse loses link when Properties dialog is close.

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I faced the same problem with google-play-services_lib. This problem occurred after I created a second eclipse workspace and copied some projects including that library.

In this situation, I had the google-play-services_lib in each workspace folder. I then deleted one folder, fixed the project setup (Android Tools) and cleaned the project in question. That solved the problem.

Might be an Eclipse bug (Juno 4.2.1).

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