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Our application is in use of several TreeViewItem and DataGrid controls in XAML whose ItemsSource properties are bound to Entity Framework ObjectSet<Entity> collections. The problem is that the UI controls are behaving as if the ObjectSets are empty.

The EF ObjectContext is enclosed within a singleton class in a static class:

public static class BusinessData
    public static readonly BizDataSource Source = BizDataSource.Instance;

public class BizDataSource : INotifyPropertyChanged
    private BusinessEntitiesObjectContext _context = ...;

and the ObjectSets are being returned from readonly properties within the singleton:

    public IEnumerable<Employee> RetiredEmployees
        get { 
            return (from it in _context.Employees where it.Status == "Retired" select it);  

and finally, the ItemsSource is data bound to the collection, with INotifyPropertyChanged serving to update the UI when its known that the data source is updated:

<TreeViewItem x:Name="PART_TVI" Header="Retired Employees"
       Source={x:Static local:BusinessData.Source}, 

Debug stepping has revealed that the binding is correctly providing an IEnumerable which resolves to the business objects, but it seems like the control isn't iterating upon it. For example, if I add this code to the window:

PART_TVI.ItemsSource = BusinessData.Source.RetiredEmployees;

The same behavior occcurs as with XAML Binding: nothing. However:

PART_TVI.ItemsSource = BusinessData.Source.RetiredEmployees.ToArray();

Ah hah! Now, we have generated content in our TreeViewItem. But, why was this necessary in the first place?

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its a linq behavior. ToArray runs your query immediately, so you see your content – blindmeis Jan 3 '12 at 9:26
Have you tried add .ToArray() or .ToList() into get statement? – Anatolii Gabuza Jan 3 '12 at 11:08

My guess is that: in the case of IEnumerable, you pass the expression to the ItemsSource, NOT a SOURCE. When you called: ToArray() which means that, it will execute the expression and return the actual data for the ItemsSource.

In summary, the first case: You tell the WPF how to get the ItemsSource. The second case: You pass the actual data source.

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