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I have a form submit, where it get the values from the form and goes to next page... here I have a hyperlink to open a child window, while I click, it opens the child window and simultaneously it reloads the parent window. I have a action configured to the parent window which has a Database insert statement too.

The problem is that while I click the link it call my action again(because of page reload), in this action I wrote if condition to check null/empty string from the previous page form submit. since this is the second time the action loads it looks of the fields(but actually those fields are in my previous page form). so it take null while checking my if condition.

Another problem is that when I solve the above problem here comes the SQL insert statement, which is about to execute 2nd time. I dont want this to happen or I dont want my action to execute while I open the popup window and I want to populate the selected value from the popup to the parent window.

code used for opening the popup

 function select_reactant()
    { ("SeriesTab.action?component=reactant",

This is the place where I open the popup and want to populate the value selected from the popup to the textfiled here

    <td><a href="" onclick="select_reactant();">reactant</a></td>
    <td><s:textfield name="reactant" id="reactantId" readonly="true" theme="simple"/></td>

jquery to get back the value form popup to parent window


the code inside action below is what the action that I mention at the beginning

if(Rxn!=null||!Rxn.equals(""))  //Rxn is the field variable for previous page
//my insert statement

while I run I get nullpointer error since the value for Rxn is reset to null by the page reload due to popup opening done by 
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You can do something like this


<a href="#" id="anchSelectReactant">reactant</a>


        return false;
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