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I´m coding a CSS menu for Wordpress and I have this stupid problem:

I give the first ul a background image and that same image shows also on every sub menus, which I don´t want.

How can I tell the first ul that the background image is only for that ul? And not for the following sub menus.

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You need to change the selector for ul where you want the image to appear. You CSS code should look something like

.nav > ul {
background: url("........

Assuming nav is the class attached to immediate parent of desired ul.

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It works! I had it like .nav ul li {} –  Ricardo Ribeiro Jan 3 '12 at 10:09

Two ways

Set the background of your sub-menus to the background-color your site has.


Show us your code, because I think you used something like

ul { background: url(...) } 

which applies for all <ul>-elements, even your sub lists.

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