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I'd like to initialise the label of the button from function from code behind:

<asp:Button ID="BtnAjoutClient" runat="server" Text='<%= GetText()%>' />

and in the code behing a simple function like:

protected String GetText() {
  return "test";

But the caption of the button shows me the raw code (and the function is never called). I tryied also <%# GetText() %>. Do you know why ?


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You can't use <%=%> server side code block like that within a server side control.

Use the code behind file:

BtnAjoutClient.Text = GetText();
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it's sad but thank you ! – P. Sohm Jan 3 '12 at 10:48

IF you really want to do this, it can be done using Expression Builders - we use this general Code Expression Builder all over the place.

Allows you do do

<asp:Button ID="BtnAjoutClient" runat="server" Text='<%$ Code :  GetText()%>' />

This essentialy changes the code at compile-time into.

BtnAjoutClient.Text = GetText(); 
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