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I am creating currently a WCF application in MS Visual Studio 2010 for demonstrative reasons. I follow the instructions from msdn. In the 4th step :” Create a Windows Communication Foundation Client” I have problem to execute the instruction 1a:

“In Solution Explorer (on the upper right) within the same solution that contains the service, right-click the current solution (not the project), and select Add, and then New Project.”

In particular, I cannot find the Solution which I must click. In the Solution explorer exists the only project and by right click there is no opportunity to add a project but only an item. Where is the Solution from where I can add the new project? Should I have take are of it at the time of project creation ?

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Select Tools-> Options, Select Projects and solutions out of that, there is one option "Always show solution". See the picture

Showing solution

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You can either add the project from the File menu, as others have suggested, but the reason you cannot see the solution if because of a setting in Visual Studio, which you can change in Tools > Options:

enter image description here

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You can find the option to display the Solution in Tools > Projects and Solutions > General > Always show solution

What this does is (quoted from here):

Always show solution

When selected, the solution and all commands that act on solutions are always shown in the IDE. When cleared, all projects are created as stand-alone projects and you do not see the solution in Solution Explorer or commands that act on solutions in the IDE if the solution contains only one project.

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Try using the main menu:

File --> Add --> New Project
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You can add it by File > New > Project (CTRL+SHIFT+N)

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You should create your project within a solution. How did you create your project? Anyway, VS ususally offers to save your project within a solution after the first build. So, try to build your project.

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