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I'm attempting to configure access to an Oracle instance from Nesper (in C#).

The documentation covers how you would do this in Java both programatically and via an XML configuration file extensively - but these tend to reference the JDBC drivers that would be used to perform the connection, so I do not know what the .NET equivalent would be.

How would I configure access programatically in .NET using the ConfigurationDBRef::SetDatabaseDriver() method? I'm getting errors with the following code:

        EPServiceProvider epService;

        var props = new Properties();
        props.Put("connection-string", "Data Source=redacted;User ID=redacted;Password=redacted");
        props.Put("validationQuery", "select 1 from dual");
        props.Put("initialSize", "2");

        var configDB = new ConfigurationDBRef();
        configDB.SetDatabaseDriver("Oracle.DataAccess", props);
        configDB.ConnectionLifecycle = ConnectionLifecycleEnum.POOLED;

        var config = new Configuration();
        config.AddDatabaseReference("mydb", configDB);

        epService = EPServiceProviderManager.GetDefaultProvider(config);

Yields: EPException "Unable to resolve type for driver 'Oracle.DataAccess.Client'" - even though the Oracle client is referenced within my project.

Documentation is extremely scant on examples for .NET so I am hoping answers to this question will form a good resource for others.

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isn't it "Oracle.DataAccess.Client" instead of "Oracle.DataAccess" for the driver? –  lnu Jan 3 '12 at 13:44
This also gives the same error –  rvxnet Jan 3 '12 at 15:27

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