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I have a custom widget written with PyQt4:

class WRecordIdWidget(QtGui.QLineEdit):


    def model(self):
        return self._model
    def setModel(self, model):
        self._model = model
    model = QtCore.pyqtProperty(str, model, setModel)

I made a pyqt property called model - to be able to edit it in Qt Designer.

I named the getter model() according to Qt coding standards. But property is also called model, shadowing the getter.

So Qt Designer will see the model property, but i will not be able to call the getter in Qt anymore - widget.model() will raise an error. I don't know how C++ handles this and how in C++ getters and Qt properties have the same names.

Should i just rename the getter to getModel()? Then it will not be in line with other 'built-in' getters...

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Just rename it. When doing model = QtCore.pyqtProperty(str, model, setModel) you're effectively replacing the getter with the property in the class' dictionary, so you just lose direct access to it.

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