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I would like to plot a square in a 2D cartesian coordinate system with its corners at (±1,±1). I would like to further divide it to 400 smaller and equal squares each with an edge length of 0.1.

How can I do this in MATLAB?

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What did you try so far? What didn't work? –  Itamar Katz Jan 3 '12 at 12:08

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You can generate the grid with the right number of vertical and horizontal lines:

N = 400;
x = linspace(-1,1,sqrt(N)+1)
y = linspace(-1,1,sqrt(N)+1)

% Horizontal grid 
for k = 1:length(y)
  line([x(1) x(end)], [y(k) y(k)])

% Vertical grid
for k = 1:length(y)
  line([x(k) x(k)], [y(1) y(end)])

axis square
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See the rectangle function. For example, try

% Draw large bounding box:
xstart = -1;
ystart = -1;

xlen = 2;
ylen = 2;

rectangle('position', [xstart, ystart, xlen, ylen])

% Draw smaller boxes
dx = 0.1;
dy = 0.1;

nx = floor(xlen/dx);
ny = floor(ylen/dy);

for i = 1:nx
    x = xstart + (i-1)*dx;
    for j = 1:ny
        y = ystart + (j-1)*dy;
        rectangle('position', [x, y, dx, dy])
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This looks like a problem I had to solve. The code below is what i created after adapting someone elses solution. Someone here on stackoverflow taught me how to create an adjacencymatrix by calculating the distance between points

%# enter your prerequisites
I=400; R=0.1; N=M=sqrt(I);

%# create vertices on square grid defined by two vectors
[X Y] = meshgrid(1:N,1:M); X = X(:); Y = Y(:); 

%# create adjacencymatrix with connections between all neighboring vertices
adjacency = squareform( pdist([X Y], 'cityblock') == 1 );

%# plot adjacenymatrix on grid with scale R
[xx yy] = gplot(adj, [X Y]); plot(xx*R, yy*R)
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