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Possible Duplicate:
Is there any online IDE for Java?

Is it possible to use eclipse for java coding from internet for eg Browser based IDE or using on some server present on internet cloud? I am using a machine on which I cannot save eclipse, and java libraries etc but can use internet.

Can anyone suggest me something.

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You can try Orion it's a web based Eclipse (from the Eclipse Team)

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  1. Install Eclipse on a computer where you can and then use one of many products to access remote computers (VNC, TeamViewer, ...)
  2. Install Eclipse on a Linux box and use Linux's ability to run programs on remote machines. But here you would have to install X server on the local (the machine you cannot save Eclipse on) machine

I bet there are other options too. :)

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Remote access to your own computer at home could be a solution. Performance depends on how fast your connection is. Ports have to be open (default: 3389).

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Personally I think the best way to do this would be to set up a build server (or continuous integration server) such as hudson or teamcity. You could then edit your code in a web editor (or simply a more lightweight editor) and just commit and push it to the build server. The build server then does all the heavy lifting and tells you if the build/passed or failed. It can even be set up to run your unit tests!

You might want to reference this question in regards to tips on how to set this up. If you use Github you get the added bonus of being able to use Ace to edit files - though I would suggest using a more robust editor and pushing your repository up manually.

If you are really keen on building on the internet you can check out compilr which sounds like what you really want (though I wouldn't recommend it - you really need you own build flow!)**.

** does not imply that the compilr service is not a good one

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