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It is possible to block a link from flash object? (Link is hardcoded inside a flash object).

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no, it is not possible to do that. Why would you want to do it? – Pranav Hosangadi Jan 3 '12 at 14:03

no, the link is managed by flash plugin.

At most you can just overlap the flash object with an element (with a transparent background) so the link is not clickable (but this is not a real solution since it can be circumvented)

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You cannot do that, since Flash "lives in it's own world" in the browser. All JavaScript sees is an object, it doesn't know what's in there.

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If possible, generate a new swf which embeds the current flash swf & disable its mouse events, using:

mc.mouseEnabled = false;

You can control the new swf by defining an ExternalInterface & calling from javascript, using:

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