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I try to prevent the browser default image drag in dragstart, but somehow it disable the drag and dragend event also. Anyway i can disable the browser default image drag , but it will still run the drag and drag end event?

Or the only option for be is to use background image? I dont want to do this because I need to change a lot of code because of this. Now I know why everyone using background-image.

$("#addObjectBarContainer a img")
        .bind("dragstart", function(event){
            var tmpObjImg = $("<img></img>");
                    id: "temp-img-object-drag"
                ,   src: $(this).attr("src")

        .bind("drag" , function(event){
                top: event.pageY,
                left: event.pageX
            var ObjectTop = event.pageY - $("#canvas").offset().top;
            var ObjectLeft = event.pageX -$("#canvas").offset().left

                top: ObjectTop,
                left: ObjectLeft
                top: ObjectTop,
                left: ObjectLeft

            dragresize.elmY = ObjectTop;
            dragresize.elmX = ObjectLeft;

            inspector_Update(activeObject, "select");
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You might want to read this: – pepkin88 Jan 3 '12 at 13:26

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