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I am loading an IFrame containing a page with a long list of dynamic data into a site. It takes a few seconds to load depending on the broadband speed and needs to be iframed due to the setup.

I would like to show a loading GIF so the user knows something is happening, but I'm struggling to make it appear as a background image in either the parent page container or the div surrounding the content within the iframed page.

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please paste your code how you are using GIF image .. –  Ved Jan 3 '12 at 12:45

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    var foo = function(){
      var a = document.getElementById('content');
      var b = document.getElementById('loading_img');

    <body onload="foo();">
    <img id="loading_img" style="display:block;margin:20px auto;" src="loading.gif" />
    <div id="content" style="position:absolute;left:-8000px;top:-20000px;">
    .. table .. and stuff

not tested, but should work :)

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You could add the image as a background of the body element inside the iframe, with a position near at the top and centered. E.g. background-position: center 30px

When table rendering starts, the image will be overlapped, so it's not even necessary to remove it via javascript.

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