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When I run heroku run lein repl, I don't seem to be able to shut down the process. I can do the following, and be exited from heroku's repl

    $ heroku  stop run.1
    Stopping run.1 process... done
    $ heroku  stop run.2
    Stopping run.2 process... done
    $ heroku  stop run.3
    Stopping run.3 process... done
    $ heroku stop run.4
    Stopping run.4 process... done

I hope to god I am not being billed. Both heroku stop and heroku ps:stop (as mentioned here) fail to remove the runs from a heroku ps listing.

    $ heroku ps  
    Process  State             Command 
    -------  ----------------  ------------------------  
    run.1    complete for 26m  lein repl                     
    run.2    complete for 16m  lein repl                     
    run.3    complete for 7m   lein repl                     
    run.4    complete for 2s   lein repl

How do I do that? Or do I just need to wait for the complete listing to disappear?


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Those items are not running, but are complete. A running instance will be showing as up for xm where xm is the time in minutes. complete shows you how long that process has been stopped for.

For more info on heroku ps, see here.

To be extra sure you're not being billed, you could ask support.

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Ok, just wanted to confirm. Thanks. – Nutritioustim Jan 3 '12 at 16:16

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