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How can I make Emacs automatically wrap lines of text that I've already written such that no line is longer than, say, 70 characters. In other words, I'd like to do "auto-fill-mode" after-the-fact.

Is this possible?

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Look at fill-paragraph and fill-region. If I remember correctly, it's bound to M-q by default. To set the line width, use C-xf.

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In addition to fill-paragraph and fill-region, take a look at these commands:

  • file-individual-paragraphs: "Fill paragraphs of uniform indentation within the region. This command divides the region into "paragraphs", treating every change in indentation level or prefix as a paragraph boundary, then fills each paragraph using its indentation level as the fill prefix. There is one special case where a change in indentation does not start a new paragraph. This is for text of this form:
   foo>    This line with extra indentation starts
   foo> a paragraph that continues on more lines.

These lines are filled together."

  • fill-nonuniform-paragraphs: "Fill paragraphs within the region, allowing varying indentation within each. This command divides the region into "paragraphs", only at paragraph-separator lines, then fills each paragraph using as the fill prefix the smallest indentation of any line in the paragraph."
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