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I use AVAudioPlayer object to play an aif sound file that should go on unless the game is over. I have an ivar of AVAudioPlayer called backgroundPlayer and I set it up in viewDidLoad method:

 NSURL *backgroundURL=[NSURL fileURLWithPath:[[NSBundle        
 mainBundle]pathForResource:@"bgLoop" ofType:@"aif"]];
 backgroundPlayer=[[[AVAudioPlayer alloc] initWithContentsOfURL:backgroundURL    
                                                               error:nil] retain];


And then I play it in viewWillAppear method:

    TrafficAppDelegate *delegate=[UIApplication sharedApplication].delegate;
     if (delegate.shouldPlaySFX)
       [backgroundPlayer play];

With this all set when I push my button to push the view controller to the stack I hangs for about 2-3 seconds and only after that the view appears. If I comment the [backgroundPlayer play] command in viewWillAppear method the delay goes away. Shouldn't I use AVAudioPlayer class for playing this kind of sounds? I mean the sound can go on for minutes, even hours.If the choose is not the issue then what can cause the delay? Thanks in advance

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Have you tried this case after adding [backgroundPlayer prepareToPlay] in your code? I believe this will solve the delay issue.

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It happens the first time you try to play a sound. You can play short silent sound in your appdelegate to make the AVAudioPlayer responsive when you really need it.

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