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For the project I'm currently working on, I need to know if it is possible to invoke a Chrome extension.

I.e., clicking on a button (or a link) on my page would call the "Read It" extension, something like that.

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You can inject your content-script to every page (register it in extension manifest) and alter the page html to add your button or a with your custom id.

The execution environment example explains it pretty good how you will trigger an event from the page to your content script. After you manage the trigger you can do anything you want as the extension logic.

Also keep in mind that this will require your extension's content-script to be injected to every page the user visits. It is not possible to actually trigger the execution of your content-script from the page if thats what you were asking.

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Yes, it's possible. You could write a so called Content Script to alter the page and hook event handlers to the links or buttons.

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create a manifest with background.js and content.js . Use

chrome.tabs.sendMessage(tabId, {}, function() { ... });

in background to send messages to content script which is injected into every webpage that is opened when extension is installed and enabled . On the content.js script use

chrome.runtime.onMessage.addListener(function(req, sender, callback) {  
    < here use condition to find out when this exetnsion's popup.html should be opened and call the callback function which was passed in the argument list intially >

Here the callback function defines in background.js and passed to content.js is the code for opening a new extension window such as

var panel_props = {
            type: 'panel',
            'width': width,
            'height': height,
            'left': left,
            'top': top,
            url: "chrome-extension://" + <extensionid>+ "/index.html"   

          chrome.windows.create(panel_props ,function (newWindow) { 
              vid = newWindow.id;
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for description of manifest.json ( if required ) leave a comment . I'll included that as well –  Altanai Mar 4 at 9:01
Again, nonsensical answer. This does not relate to the question in any way - but I'll be happy to be proven wrong if you can explain how it does. –  Xan Mar 4 at 10:32
Dear Xan , I welcome your crudeness . The answer is right and to the point in my opinion . The chrome extension gives the power to activate contentjs from a listening background script . Using this as trigger the extension can be directly called from any webpage . You should read this " robots.thoughtbot.com/how-to-make-a-chrome-extension"; –  Altanai Mar 4 at 10:55
@Xan A content script is “a JavaScript file that runs in the context of web pages.” This means that a content script can interact with web pages that the browser visits. - picked from above URL –  Altanai Mar 4 at 10:57
Yes, but the question was how to activate the extension code from a webpage code/UI. Thank you, being in top 5 users on google-chrome-extension I know what a content script is. –  Xan Mar 4 at 10:57

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