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I'm trying to deploy a Outlook 2007 addin for all users in windows 7. I developed the addin using visual studio 2010 to simply to show a message box on load.

private void ThisAddIn_Startup(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
            MessageBox.Show("test addin");

Since it is stated that creating a installer using Publish(ClickOnce) feature will not install the addin to all users, i tried creating an MSI setup project following the steps given in,

Since I'm targeting only Outlook 2007, I executed only the steps up to configuring the registry.

Once I created the setup and installed it (selecting Everyone), the addin does not run initially in outlook. when I checked it in Trust Center, I could see my addin listed in the Inactive Application Addins Section.

enter image description here Once I checked in the system registry(using regedit), all the Registry Key are properly included under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE as well.

(When I install it Selecting Only me, the addin works fine.)

Can anyone please help me to get this working for all users. Thanks.

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There is a second part to the tutorial which shows how to handle trust as part of the installation. You can find it here.

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Thanks, i did this part as well, but still no change. I even tried creating a separate console application to add the inclusion list entry as stated here, – user501579 Jan 4 '12 at 9:20
Take a look at this tutorial for deploying an outlook add-in – Ciprian Jan 4 '12 at 10:55

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