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I am using dnn 6. It has file dotnetnuke/js/dnn.jquery.js so I created a module and added reference to this jquery file and all others JCrop files and it doesn't work.
So I added official JQuery.js but then dnn can't find some methods.
Is there anybody who has used JCrop with DotNetNuke?

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To reference jQuery from DotNetNuke, call DotNetNuke.Framework.jQuery.RequestRegistration(). This will use the shared jQuery reference (so that jQuery is on the page exactly once, in the <head/>, regardless of how many extensions ask for it).

If you're using jQuery 6.1, you should use the Client Resource Management API to request other scripts, with something like this:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" Namespace="DotNetNuke.Web.Client.ClientResourceManagement" Assembly="DotNetNuke.Web.Client" %>

<dnn:DnnJsInclude runat="server" FilePath="~/DesktopModules/MyModule/js/jquery.jcrop.js" />
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