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In the people app that comes with spotify when you click on a users photo it loads new content from the list of people by taking you to a differnt uri, as such the navigation works correctly using the navigation buttons.

I have working navigation tabs A B C as described in the spotify UI Guidelines that have an event listener

sp.core.addEventListener("argumentsChanged", tabUpdate);

If I click A then B then C I can navigate back through the tabs using the spotify back and forward buttons.

When I click A it gives me a list of results D, when I click on a result in D it loads new content E without changing the tab. My question is how should i go about navigating back to the list of results D?

I cant click on A again as it is already selected.

Is there another event I can listen for? Do I need to load E into a new page or is there a more elegant way of doing the navigation that I am missing?

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From the guidelines:

You can also push new states programmatically, by setting window.location to spotify:app:$APPNAME:arguments".

You can also see a working example of an app using tabs here https://github.com/ptrwtts/kitchensink

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cheers i had just got it working from looking at your code, this snippet // args[0] = page, args[1] = command, args[2] = value // e.g. spotify:app:kitchensink:search:play:the+cure+close+to+me was exactly what i was after –  Ben Jan 3 '12 at 14:59

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