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I have an Android application with this lines in the manifest:

<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="8" 

The actual target for this project is set to api level 13. My question is what happens when I launch this application on a real device with api level, let's say - 8 and I've used function or attributes that the api level 8 doesn't know?

Let's say I use: android:hardwareAccelerated ="true" which was introduced in api level 11 if I'm not mistaken. What happenes? The Android system just ignore it? And what happens if I will use a function in my code that only exists on api level 13?

And more importantly: How can I use the android:hardwareAccelerated ="true" attribute in supported version and not in the not supported versions?

Can I say, as a rule of thumb, that whenever I develop for Android, I need to set the actual project target to be the same as the android:minSdkVersion?


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If you are using methods from level 13 and the device is a level 8 your application will crash.(force close) The methods are not backwards compatible.

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This is what happens if I use methods in the code, but what about xml attributes that older version doesn't know? –  ofirbt Feb 1 '12 at 9:08
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Answered in another question: The compiler simply ignore the older version's xml tags

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