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I have a python script which does a partial checkout. At some point I want to do an reintegration. Before that I have to checkout the complete directory tree. My working copy contains the root which was checked out with depth emtpy and some folders which were checked out recursive, like that:

import pysvn
svn = pysvn.Client()
svn.checkout($url, $local_folder, False)
svn.update($svn_folder, True)

On the command line I would change to $local_folder and do a

svn update --set-depth=infinity

to get the complete content of $url. But I can't get this with pysvn. Neither

svn.update($local_folder, depth=pysvn.depth.infinity)


svn.update($local_folder, recursive=True)

works. Did I miss something? Does the works with pysvn at all?


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Skimming the pysvn source, I'd try

svn.update($local_folder, depth=pysvn.depth.infinity, depth_is_sticky=True)

but I don't have an environment to test that myself.

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Yeah! That's it :-) Thanks a lot Rup! – merula Jan 3 '12 at 14:03

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