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I'm maintaining a program using the Iocomp plot control and even though it works well on the development machine, when deploying to another machine I get a nag screen saying that the software is unlicensed.

To rule out corrupted settings in my current project I created a new C# Windows Application in Visual Studio 2005 and inserted a single Plot control on the default form. I then copied the compiled exe with the relevant iocomp dll:s to the deployment machine. Still the same behavior, works on development machine but produces nag screen on another machine.

Anyone knows if there's more to do to get the license to stick? I tried emailing Iocomp support last week but there has been no answer yet so I have to dig.

The license we have seem to be in order as it's recognized by the installation program.

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You need to read the documentation regarding distribution of the license file info. See their FAQ: iocomp.com/FAQsHTML/ActiveX/FAQ004.htm –  user1364976 Apr 30 '12 at 3:12
Don't assume you're loading the correct version. You'll want to check this using the Fusion log viewer. Just make sure to run fuslogvw as admin, turn on the log, and reboot before attempting to debug. You'll see where the CLR is looking for the assembly, and what version it is. That way you'll be sure that the licensed binary is the one being loaded at runtime. If it is, then good luck, because that's all I know. –  Will Apr 30 '12 at 13:32
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