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Is there a way to do a wildcard element name match using querySelector or querySelectorAll? I see support for wildcards in attribute queries but not for the elements themselfs.

The XML document I'm trying to parse is basically a flat list of properties and I need to find elements that have certain strings in their names.

I realize the XML document is probably in need of a restructuring if I need this but that's just not goign to happen.

Any solution except going back to using apparently deprecated XPath support (IE9 dropped it).

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By "name" you mean the tag name? – kennytm Jan 3 '12 at 15:12
Unfortunately yes – Erik Andersson Jan 3 '12 at 15:27

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[id^='someId'] will match all ids starting with someId.

[id$='someId'] will match all ids ending with someId.

[id*='someId'] will match all ids containing someId.

If you're looking for the name attribute just substitute id with name.

If you're talking about the tag name of the element I don't believe there is a way using querySelector

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Thanks, I meant the tag name. – Erik Andersson Jan 3 '12 at 15:32

Set the tagName as an explicit attribute:

for(var i=0,els=document.querySelectorAll('*'); i<els.length;
          els[i].setAttribute('tagName',els[i++].tagName) );

I needed this myself, for an XML Document, with Nested Tags ending in _Sequence. See JaredMcAteer answer for more details.


I didn't say it would be pretty :) PS: I would recommend to use tag_name over tagName, so you do not run into interferences when reading 'computer generated', implicit DOM attributes.

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I just wrote this short script; seems to work.

 * Find all the elements with a tagName that matches.
 * @param {RegExp} regEx  regular expression to match against tagName
 * @returns {Array}       elements in the DOM that match
function getAllTagMatches(regEx) {
  return'*')).filter(function (el) { 
    return el.tagName.match(regEx);
getAllTags(/^di/i); // Returns an array of all elements that begin with "di", eg "div"
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I was messing/musing on one-liners involving querySelector() & ended up here, & have a possible answer to the OP question using tag names & querySelector(), with credits to @JaredMcAteer for answering MY question, aka have RegEx-like matches with querySelector() in vanilla Javascript

Hoping the following will be useful & fit the OP's needs or everyone else's:

// basically, of before:
var youtubeDiv = document.querySelector('iframe[src=""]')

// after     
var youtubeDiv = document.querySelector('iframe[src^=""]');
// or even, for my needs
var youtubeDiv = document.querySelector('iframe[src*="youtube"]');

Then, we can, for example, get the src stuff, etc ...

//> ""
//> (...)


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This works for me:

NSString *nameInWeb = [NSMutableString stringWithFormat:@"document.querySelector('[name$=\"057\"]').name"];

Show all names ending whith "057".

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