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I have written a script which reads an input sequence, but this sequence must be written with your Caps lock on! How can i except this error ask for a new sequence if Caps lock was not on?

I have:

while True:
    seq = input ("voer uw sequentie in, IN HOOFDLETTERS: ")

except (ValueError, IndexError, KeyError ):
    print("voer uw sequentie in , IN HOOFDLETTERS")

But this code doesn't do anything with the sequence if they are written with the Caps lock off.

Can someone give me a hand

i have posted mij question here under about het complementair sequence !

i Have to make the next frames :

`+3 SerIleLeuAlaStpProLysTrpGluProProTyrValAlaStpProIleTyrIleTyrTle`

+2 PheAsnThrSerMetThrLysValGlyThrProLeuArgSerMetThrHisIleTyrIleTyr

+1 PheGlnTyrStpHisAspGlnSerGlyAsnProLeuThrStpHisAspProTyrIleTyrIle



-1 TyrIleTyrIleTyrGlySerCysTyrValArgGlyPheProLeuTrpSerCysStpTyrStp

-2 IleTyrIleTyrMetGlyHisAlaThrOc*GlyGlySerHisPheGlyHisAlaSerIleglu

-3 TyrIleTyrIleTrpValMetLeuArgLysGlyValProThrLeuValMetLeuValLeuLys

the sequentie in the middle is my input sequence, the sequentie under mijn input sequences is mijn complementair sequence,,, the +1 is translations of my whole seq. +2 is translations beginning with position 1 and +3 begins with position 2 ( counting begins with zero )

the -1,-2 and -3 are the same calculating but now i have to use mine complementair seq.

the first frames i have done, but i can't make my seq , complementair . i have it done with the next script :

def translate(seq):
        x = 0
        aaseq = []
        while True:
                x += 3
            except (IndexError, KeyError):
        return aaseq

    for frame in range(3):

        print(''.join(item.split('|')[0] for item in translate(seq[frame:])))

can someone help me with the complementair part ??


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I don't see anywhere where you actually check for it being in capital letters. I would recommend using an if then statement rather than a try except statement.

while True:
    seq = input("voer uw sequentie in, IN HOOFDLETTERS: ")
    if seq.isupper():
        print "Input must be IN HOOFDLETTERS"

Alternatively you could also just take the user input and capitalize it yourself.

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I edited your code to be in Python (since that's the tag on the question) - hope you don't mind. – David Z Jan 3 '12 at 19:46
The tag wasn't there when I answered it, so thanks for your help :) – paul jerman Jan 3 '12 at 19:52
thanks for your help – Emine Poyraz Jan 4 '12 at 10:13

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